Add Photo Gallery to Your Web Design

They say a picture can speak a thousand words, but I believe a picture can make you a thousand sales. There is nothing that adds value to your web design than a photo gallery. If you are in a business where people have to see to believe such as hospitality, event planning and management, tourism, food and beverages, among others, you must consider adding a photo gallery to your current web design, and I can make it happen.

Actually, most web designers in Edmonton and elsewhere don’t consider a photo gallery a necessity and therefore leave out this amazing feature out in their works. If you currently have a complete and hosted site, I can simply include the gallery and even upload awesome photos of your business and communicate your success and efficiency in pictures. I have for years tried to advise my customers to focus on catching the attention of anyone on the web and therefore ensure to realize higher conversion rates.

Good for SEO

Do you know that photos are very good for SEO? With proper optimization, your photos can immensely help boost your rankings in the search engines of your targeted keywords. I ensure that all images uploaded are carefully optimized for the search engines to realize higher traffic while at the same time give your visitors an extra reason to go through your site.

I am available for a one-off project or long term engagements. I will ensure that by the time we are done, I have equipped you with all the resources and skills you need to quickly upload, modify and optimize images on your site. I always get out of my way to ensure my clients are satisfied. If you would like to add a photo gallery to your website, contact Billy B Web Design services today and I will get it done!

Here’s a sample photo gallery that’s shows some of the websites I’ve designed.  Click on images to enlarge.


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