Blog Creation

This might appear to be one of the simplest things to do but that is not really the case. The importance a blog on a website is mostly overlooked by most web designers, not me. I have been creating not only eye-catching websites for years and can guarantee you that the surest way to reach your targets is to create a blog page then fill it with fresh, immensely researched content that has carefully been optimized for the search engines.

Depending on the nature of the web design project I undertake, you can get this as part of the package. However, if you are only interested in a single blog page, then I can also design it for you and ensure that it leaves to your expectations. I always encourage clients to use their blog pages to promote their products and services, share their experiences with their customers, and educate customers more about your product offerings, among others. The world is hungry for information and using your blog page, you can easily fill the hunger while advancing your business objective.

A page or a Different Site

While you can have a blog page on the main website, you can also create an independent blog site hosted independently. The advantage of this is that, you get the freedom to write whatever you like then link it up to the main site. With time, your blog may attract more traffic that will be directed to the main business website. External links are very important in SEO because they show that you are an authority in your area of specialization. Fill your blog with unique and compelling blog posts and realize higher rankings in SERPs as well as better conversation.

Whether you would like a blog page inserted on your main page or an independent blog designed, Billy Bs Web Design has you covered. Contact me today so that we can discuss all available options.

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