Edmonton Local SEO Company Success

A couple of websites that we’ve been working on for several keywords are now ranking really well on page 1 of Google.

1st case study website is: guitarinstructor.ca

Keywords that we worked on are: Edmonton Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons Edmonton, guitar lessons for beginners Edmonton, in my home guitar lessons edmonton, in my studio guitar lessons Edmonton, acoustic guitar lessons Edmonton.






2nd case study website is: mypermanentmakeup.ca

Keywords that we worked on are: permanent makeup edmonton and makeup edmonton

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The Images on Your Website can get you Sued. BEWARE!

lawsuitAs an internet entrepreneur, one of the easiest ways to get sued and lose a good amount of money is through copyright infringement lawsuits. The number of websites on the internet crossed the 1 billion mark in September 2014 and as a result, because of the sheer number of websites, a lot of things go on the internet that people take for granted.

However, if you are a serious entrepreneur with a serious vision and mission for your business and you want to grow and get bigger as you go along, you have to take note of everything that you post on your website. All kinds of content (including photos and videos) must be yours or at the very least get the permission of the owner of the content before you make use of those on your website.

In the case of articles (words), outright copying of an article is wrong and can get you in trouble, but, copying parts of an article and including citations is still termed as fair usage and is not frowned upon. But when it comes to images, the conditions for fair usage are quite blurry, making it a rather complex exception.

In regards to copyright issues on images and the kind of use permitted on a particular image, you need to be familiar with these four terms – fair use, creative commons, copyright and public domain. These are the different types of permissions that come with images on the internet.

Rather than worrying about studying about all these terms and becoming an expert in image copyrights and licensing on the internet, there is a simple way you can go about using a copyrighted image on your website without worrying about copyright infringement issues. You just have to simply look for the owner of the copyright of the image you want to use and get their permission before you make use of the image. This way, you get to discuss the exact use of the image you require and if the owner is fine with it. If you cannot identify the owner of the image or you are in doubt about who the original owner is, then do not use.

Lastly, even after identifying the owner of the copyright and you have gotten their permission to use the image, do not forget to attribute your source. This works both ways for images you got permission to use and images that are free to use in the public domain (images that are copyright-free).

Your Logo is More Important Than you Think

“You may never get a second chance at making a good first impression”. The more reason why we take a good look at the mirror before stepping out of the house every morning even after putting on our very neat and attractive clothes. This attitude not only works in everyday interpersonal life, it can be adapted to the world of business and more importantly in the world of branding.

This is 2016 and it is no more news that the internet has taken over the traditional media as a medium of promoting and endearing a brand to its targeted audience. Now more than ever, businesses have the opportunity to communicate to exactly the type of audience they want to. Making a good first impression can be the difference between a potential customer pausing for a minute and giving you a good look and just moving along.

billyb-web-design-logoIn most cases, especially on the internet, your logo is usually your first opportunity to introduce your brand and your business to your potential customers/clients. This is the more reason why it is paramount to ensure that your logo help you to differentiate your brand from others and ensure the survival of your business. A professionally done logo should be able to help you integrate the marketing efforts of the brand, it must also be able to reflect marketing efforts and the icon of what the brand represents to its customers.

Your logo is your chance of making a good impression and it must be well designed. Quite a significant percentage of logo designs out there are very unprofessionally done. You should understand that your logo is as important as your business name and it must communicate to your audience. It must also be unique and conspicuous. It cannot be over emphasized how important it is to create a very strong visual identity that guarantees that you send the correct message to your target market. Rather than

According to research done by MIT Sloan Management Review, it was discovered that when a logo expresses the functional, sensory and symbolic benefits of a brand, it has a significant positive effect on customer commitment to a brand and as a result, a substantial impact on company performance in terms of revenues and profits.

Your logo is not just some icon that is on your letter head and at the top corner of your website. Your logo is an embodiment of your brand, your business and everything you represent. It is a very smart decision to have it done by a professional.


Contact form 7 not sending email GoDaddy fix

Are you having problems with GoDaddy not sending mail through your contact form 7?  Here is how you can fix it so your emails get delivered.  It’s a fairly easy configuration to setup.

I’ve had this issue several times with clients hosted on GoDaddy and I finally found a solution that works for me.  Hopefully this will work for you as well.

The first step is to insert an email address wordpress@yourdomain.com  into the from field.  I use wordpress@billybwebdesigns.com  This is the default for wordpress so you don’t have to create a new email.










Now that you have the from field set it’s time to move onto the biggest reason for GoDaddy not sending  and receiving  your emails.  Read More

Yellow Pages Advertising

Are you Sick and Tired with Yellow Pages Advertising Fees? Here is a solution

yellow-pagesYellow pages is the traditional means of advertising one’s business. It groups similar businesses together and this has benefited the clients looking for a particular service to locate it easily. As a business owner though, your intention of advertising yourself is to grow your business through acquisition of clientele. The revenue from the clients gotten from your advertising campaign should make business sense in comparison to what you invest in advertising. This is not the case when it comes to advertising in the yellow pages. Read More

Web Design Trends To Keep In Mind Today

Trend in Web DesigningThe past few years have seen a rapid growth in web design skills, concepts and formulas. HTML has dominated the web design arena for a long time, but now is giving in to the advance of other more flexible formulas like CSS and Flash which are helping designers to offer better and more interactive websites.

Besides, with the growing shift from the Desktop to the pads and smart phones, new ideas are finding more traction making the web design platform more knowledge based than there before. With these developments, web designers need to keep updated on new trends in order to continue offering quality and relevant services. We have seen some of the following aspects change the landscape in the recent past and are due to determine the way forward in this market. Read More

SEO -The Direct Marketing Way

TrafficInternet marketers need to keep reinventing their sales methods to retain their market share and increase sales. Direct marketing is one of the most challenging marketing strategies but also one that helps marketers deal with the most difficult question in selling; the best way to close a deal.

There are important qualities that any direct sales person needs to muster is ability to execute their selling tasks. The most important of them is an ability to get out there and meet  potential clients.

SEO professionals must begin to look at their task as one of virtually going out to the market place to engage potential clients with a view to making them customers of the products they promote. This calls for boldness in planning and approach to the functions of marketing. Read More

How to Make Your Customers Your Marketing Tool?

Every business owner loves to have customers flowing to their online store or brick and mortar shop to buy stuff. Customers come in mainly because they learn about the products from advertisements or other satisfied customers. This happens as people speak about the products either as they use them or due to how they affect their life or work.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth has been rated as one of the best marketing tools of all times. Business leaders try out all the best ways to ensure customers have a good report on their experience with the company to be able to tell others. Every business can give customers a reason to speak about their business and thus plough back more and this does not have to cost money.

word of mouth marketing

Quality Products

What you sell determines to a large extent the people who visit your business. Although there are many discrepancies in why people like what they like, one fact is clear that high quality products are more desirable to poor quality ones. When you build a business on quality, you will soon make a name and it will not take long before people start talking about it. This is how word of mouth moves and it has immense potential. Read More

Why The Design Of Your Website Is Important To Your Business?

Websites are created to be platforms for business. Companies spend millions to promote websites on Social media, article directories, social bookmarking sites and any other possible place on the internet. All this is done to ensure the business objectives of a website are reached and even exceeded.

With this in mind, web designers need to bear in mind several things that are important as they get down to the business of creating websites.

Website Design Model Read More

Centralize, Systematize Then Monetize

Did you know that… there are 3 essential components you need to begin using right away to become “super” successful online?

The problem I see every day is how people go online, set up a website then fail to earn a dime. And most of the time it’s because they’re not using these 3 essential components within their online business.

That is Centralize, Systemetize then Monetize

But do you know what they mean?
Or even how to apply them to your online business?
Let me explain in 3 easy steps…

Step 1: Centralize

Here’s where so many people go wrong! They use the scatter gun approach to running their online business. So usually they’ll have one resource here, another over there, then one more around the back. Each one needs a username and password to access.


Can you see the problem with this approach? Look at how much time is wasted jumping from one website to another just to be able to run your online business.

Centralization of your resources is the solution. There are many ways of doing this. The most obvious is to use an online ecommerce solution which has many of the tools you use already built into one place. For example with a centralized ecommerce solution your autoresponders, your lead generation and your customer management systems are all in one place. There’s just 1 login to access all your “mission critical” data. Read More

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