Centralize, Systematize Then Monetize

Did you know that… there are 3 essential components you need to begin using right away to become “super” successful online?

The problem I see every day is how people go online, set up a website then fail to earn a dime. And most of the time it’s because they’re not using these 3 essential components within their online business.

That is Centralize, Systemetize then Monetize

But do you know what they mean?
Or even how to apply them to your online business?
Let me explain in 3 easy steps…

Step 1: Centralize

Here’s where so many people go wrong! They use the scatter gun approach to running their online business. So usually they’ll have one resource here, another over there, then one more around the back. Each one needs a username and password to access.


Can you see the problem with this approach? Look at how much time is wasted jumping from one website to another just to be able to run your online business.

Centralization of your resources is the solution. There are many ways of doing this. The most obvious is to use an online ecommerce solution which has many of the tools you use already built into one place. For example with a centralized ecommerce solution your autoresponders, your lead generation and your customer management systems are all in one place. There’s just 1 login to access all your “mission critical” data.

Step 2: Systemetize

When you systematize the way you work online everything gets done quicker and more efficiently. Another way to look at systematization is by creating set procedures for the tasks you do on a regular basis.

Systematize model

To find out exactly what you need to systematize just write down everything you do online for at least 3 days. Then look for those things you do on a regular basis, then write down the steps you go through to complete those common tasks. Now every time you go to do those things, you pull out your steps and follow them.

This way you don’t have to think as carefully, you know exactly what you need to do next and you’ll know how long it’ll take to complete. You’ve now created a system to follow.

Why not take it one step further, create a video showing how you complete those tasks, then outsource it to me at BillyBwebdesigns.com.

This frees up your time to work on monetization…

Step 3: Monetization

So what’s monetization? It’s all about looking for new ways of making more money from what you’re already doing. It could be located places within your website which could be more effectively used and turned into cash.


For example, after someone has placed an order to you, you are giving them a one-time special offer on an upsell to their original order?

These are 2 ideas off the top of my head to help you get started with monetization.

When I Centralized, Systemetized and Monetized my clients online business it’ll add  another zero to you monthly profits and it’ll keep on growing!

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