Can you service websites or tasks other than the Edmonton area?
Certainly.  I have clients in several cities across Canada.  Since Billy B Web Designs is a internet business all I would need is your domain name/hosting info and/or login information.  Once a payment has been received and the login info has been provided I can start the required work.

Do I have to pay for your services before you start?
Yes. This gives me security that I will get paid.  The reasoning is because once I perform any work kind of graphic work, changes to your website, provide any SEO services or social media work there is no way for me to retract the time or my work if a client doesn’t pay.  But don’t worry I’m honest and will make sure your tasks are completed 100% to your satisfaction.  For more infomation visit “HOW IT WORKS?

Do I have to provide images and content for my website?
Yes, content and images have to be provided to me so I can design your website.  I do have a couple of services available for content.  Please click here to read about these services.




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