Integrate Social Media Icons

Social media is powerful and can make or break any brand, large or small. As a rule, I ensure that every new web design from Billy B Web Design services in Edmonton has pre-installed and clickable social media icons of the client’s choice. However, there is chance that possibly, someone else designed your website and for one reason or the other, left them out. This is where I come in; I will integrate all leading social media icons on your website to boost your engagements with the social media community.

There are various places social media icons can be placed; on the homepage, all inner pages or posts. Since online users are social people and always ready to share information online, I recommend social media integration on all the pages and posts. This way, your posts can easily go viral on Facebook, Twitter or images trend on Instagram or Pinterest. If you would like to get more from social media integration, can also discuss on mechanisms through which your posts can be popularized on various platforms for maximum exposure.

You can never go wrong with social media. Over 70% of buyers acknowledge that they have been influenced to make a purchase by information they come across online. Let me take your brand to your buyers with social media. The icons are in different sizes and will depend on the overall site design. What are you waiting for; let us get social. Contact me today for more information or quotation.

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