On-Page Optimization

There are many on-page features that help boost your rankings in the search engines. Basically, on-page SEO focuses on the site’s content and its structure. To ensure that everything is aligned to guarantee the highest possible rankings in SERPs, I will carefully audit all the features and recommend ways of improving them for better visibility.

I will carefully guide you on the best title tags and meta descriptions, ensuring that they are not only catchy, but they contain the relevant keywords. The advantage of this will be that the search engines will rank the keywords accordingly and web users will be prompted to click on the links. It has to be done smartly to realize these objectives because that is what drives clicks online.

For the many years I have offered search engines optimization services in Edmonton, I have learned to be realistic in my approaches because I believe in my custom strategies for the best results. Keywords have to be used sparingly because user experience should come first. If you feel that your keywords have not been used accordingly or stuffed in the content, then please contact me because you risk being penalized by search engines, especially Google.

I am always ahead of the Google algorithm updates such as the Panda and Penguin that immensely affected most sites’ rankings. My focus is to ensure I help you realize the best results for a very long time.  With better on-page SEO services from your Billy B Web Designs, your brand will enjoy better exposure, more traffic to your website and better conversions. Contact me today for enquiries and let me help you propel your site to the peak of SERPs.


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