SEO -The Direct Marketing Way

TrafficInternet marketers need to keep reinventing their sales methods to retain their market share and increase sales. Direct marketing is one of the most challenging marketing strategies but also one that helps marketers deal with the most difficult question in selling; the best way to close a deal.

There are important qualities that any direct sales person needs to muster is ability to execute their selling tasks. The most important of them is an ability to get out there and meet  potential clients.

SEO professionals must begin to look at their task as one of virtually going out to the market place to engage potential clients with a view to making them customers of the products they promote. This calls for boldness in planning and approach to the functions of marketing.

In practice, internet marketers should broaden their approach to include approaches that will go directly to where the masses are. There has been a big shift towards Social media marketing, but these needs to be coupled with an approach that will ensure you get the message in a more direct way.

Another important characteristic of direct marketers that can be of use to SEO professionals is selling benefits as opposed to selling products. Direct marketers know that consumers don’t just consume products; they seek to meet some needs in their lives through the products they buy. Marketers will therefore concentrate on enumerating the benefits of a product and how it simplifies or transforms life instead of selling a product.


When benefits are given priority in marketing, customers get easily engaged and convinced. This has to be the key and the driving message of any internet marketing task.

What are the benefits of this application? How will this product improve my well being? How does this product make my life easier or improve my speed of doing what I do? , are some of the questions that should form the script of any marketing brief.

The third most crucial strengths of a direct sales marketer is their strategy in approaching the target customer. They always have their points well laid out; a short introduction to break the ice which is quickly followed by other deliberate steps to close the deal in minimum time.

The whole process is aimed at keeping the potential customer engaged and focused on the product in a way that they have no much leeway but to yield. SEO professionals write their content in a manner that will hook the client in the shortest time and give them a reason to look at the product and love it so much with a view to buy.

The whole question of SEO is about selling and getting customers. Direct marketers have succeeded in creating strategies that work and SEO experts must smarten up and learn from their successes.

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