Social Media & Online Marketing

I can provide you with;

  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • PPC marketing
  • and much more

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Do you need an online marketing strategy? Not sure?
Watch now to learn more!

I can help you turn your dormant website into profitable conversions.

Online marketing is not about having a website a letting people know you have one. You need to setup goals for your website so you can convert visitors into potential customers. If you do not have any specific goals than your website becomes nothing more than an online brochure of your business.

These goals can be as simple as;

  • I would like more phone calls
  • I would like more email leads
  • I would like more newsletter/blog sign-ups
  • I need more online sales
  • I need more social media interaction

Once you have established your goals & objectives you can proceed to create your online marketing strategy. This will help determine what methods will be used to attain what you’d like to accomplish.

Social Media

Social media is the new marketing; bringing businesses and their customers together. Get social, interact, engage and market your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization

Build your online presence with proper search engine optimization. You need relevant links to your website so it gains popularity in the search engines. But not just any links.  Get bad links and your website rankings will drop. We know how to build perfect backlinks that will not get you penalized by Google.

SEO is far more than what position you are ranking on Google.
It is an overall online presence with traffic coming from multiple streams. 

Content Marketing

Let your content work for you; my team of marketing experts and content writers create original, engaging and interesting content. You need content that stands out and speaks for itself with headlines that grab attention quickly. It also has to be distributed online to the right sources to be effective.

Pay Per Click – PPC

Sometimes paying Google for ads could be the quickest way to generate relevant leads for your business.  But if choose the wrong keywords it could cost you way more more than your ROI.

Billy B Web Designs is partnered up with a Certified Google Partner.

Grow Your Business with Online Marketing.

The social media and online marketing services are broad and include;

  • Web and Internet concept with social media and social network signs and words on bouncing colorful cubes isolated on white per click
  • search engine optimization
  • content marketing
  • email marketing
  • video marketing
  • social media management
  • social media interaction
  • list building
  • blog promotion via social media
  • other (please ask)

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