Basic Plan – $5/month + GST

The basic plan offers a security feature that emails me when your website has an outdated plugin or requires a core update.
I then log into your administration and update the files as needed. This could happen 5 to 15 times a month or even more depending how many plugins your website is using. This plan also backups your database but not your core files, images and theme files.

Advanced Plan – $8/month + GST

The advanced plan offers the same as the basic plan & some added extras. The extras in this plan are a weekly full backup of your core files, images and theme files, scheduled malware virus scanning and two factor authentication. Two factor authentication protects your login even if the hacker has gained access login information because in the next login step they will be asked for a code. This code is sent only to your phone or email. If they don’t have the code they get locked out.

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