Web Design Trends To Keep In Mind Today

Trend in Web DesigningThe past few years have seen a rapid growth in web design skills, concepts and formulas. HTML has dominated the web design arena for a long time, but now is giving in to the advance of other more flexible formulas like CSS and Flash which are helping designers to offer better and more interactive websites.

Besides, with the growing shift from the Desktop to the pads and smart phones, new ideas are finding more traction making the web design platform more knowledge based than there before. With these developments, web designers need to keep updated on new trends in order to continue offering quality and relevant services. We have seen some of the following aspects change the landscape in the recent past and are due to determine the way forward in this market.

Single Site concept – With increasing competition, it has become very hard to retain visitors on a site or to get them to read multiple pages. Many people are also in a hurry due to the pressures of today’s life, leaving them with no time to take on something they may not need. Internet marketers now prefer to reduce click work by presenting all information on single page sites. These pages are designed with care and skill to ensure everything is clear and able to capture any visitor. These sites make use of creativity in design and content to hook visitors and squeeze them to an action.

Mobile Versions – Many people with smartphones now prefer to transact their business on the go. Web designers have had to learn to create mobile versions of sites to ensure they don’t miss out on the emerging trend. The coming of formulas like CSS3 has come to further simplify this process, but the main challenge still remains; to get the PC quality and convenience to mobile devices. Any web designer now must have this clearly in mind as they develop sites.

Simplicity – Elegance is today more exemplified in simplicity. People are going back to the tried and tested natural aspects of life to find new energy and passion. In web design, the choice of colors is crucial to the performance of any webpage. To avoid confusion, designers are now reverting to the use of primary colors and not-so-flashy designs to satisfy the need for simplicity.

Today’s consumers are not looking for so much that is outside their main area of concern. They want what they need in a simple way. The texture and backgrounds are no longer too flashy, but are targeted at getting the best attention of the visitor. The background colors and texture need to be warm and pleasing to the eye.

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