Website Re-Design

Compare a website to a house; some houses that appear old and dilapidated today were at some point the best architectural masterpieces. A website that was designed ten years ago has obviously outlived its usefulness today and therefore might not even compare with recent designs. That is why you need to refresh your online presence with web re-design services from Billy B Web Design services in Edmonton.

Reasons for Redesign

Stand Out: If your current website appears as if it was done by a joker, you are likely to scare your visitors and they will move to other sites that look “serious” enough for their time. We will rejuvenate your site, restore your visitors’ trust and endeavor to turn them to buying customers.

Optimization: There are two things that every site must be optimized for; use on smartphones and tablets and search engines. Most people have gone mobile and access the net through mobile devices and therefore your site has to be responsive. The search engines’ algorithm has also changed immensely and therefore if you are to rank better online, you should work towards an SEO-friendly web design.

Brand Identity: What does your site design say about your brand; does it compliment it or they clash? Through the Billy B Web Design Services, a re-design will ensure that your site is in line with your brand theme, helping you advance your online reputation.

To ensure that the re-design delivers the intended purpose, I have devised a strategic approach that is carefully customized to meet specific customer requirements. You will be involved all through the process to guarantee utmost satisfaction.

Give the competition a chase for their money by redesigning your site today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because I don’t leave anything to chance, talk to me!

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