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Are you Sick and Tired with Yellow Pages Advertising Fees? Here is a solution

yellow-pagesYellow pages is the traditional means of advertising one’s business. It groups similar businesses together and this has benefited the clients looking for a particular service to locate it easily. As a business owner though, your intention of advertising yourself is to grow your business through acquisition of clientele. The revenue from the clients gotten from your advertising campaign should make business sense in comparison to what you invest in advertising. This is not the case when it comes to advertising in the yellow pages. These are the reasons why:

  • The advertising cost is too high in comparison to the business gained.
  • The advertisement’s content is static through a whole year.
  • Digital referencing has surpassed print referencing through the years having very few clients looking up services on the yellow pages.
  • It is downright impossible to track the reach of your advert in yellow pages.

Internet marketing has taken over advertising as it is and though yellow pages looks like they might still be in business they do not give viable returns. There are many advantages to using online marketing.


While the initial set up cost of a website for your business in all its aspects might be similar to an ad for a year in the yellow pages, its running cost after that is just but a fraction of it. Print media will have a consistent yearly charge while online media only requires maintenance charges once you have set it up. The set up will include design and hosting of the website, its content development as well as creating social media presence.

Stand Out

Internet marketing offers you an extensive reach. With the right internet marketer, you can increase your client and potential client base exponentially. By optimizing your website, and uploading unique and creative content that your clients can relate to, you can get first page rankings on search engines. Your website will stand out based on the campaign you set up for it. Its design and implementation is important. A case study comparing the reach of internet marketing versus yellow pages shows online marketing having a reach of over 6,000% next to the related print advertising.

Refined Target

Online marketing has the benefit of being localized. This enables you to reach a particular target audience just by the campaign you have set up. It becomes much easier to reach potential customers through this feature. Social media presence is key in this. When you set yourself up in social circles you are able to reach people who would want to have your product or service much more easily. You can get to track whether people are talking about you or your services and focus your attention on them. Engaging those using varied sales pitches while just looking interactive will help you gain their trust and they identify with your business at a personal level.

With the right content managers your online presence is guaranteed to be felt. A constant refreshing of this content is important in keeping you ranked favorably on search engines as well as keeping your clients continuously engaged.

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