Your Logo is More Important Than you Think

“You may never get a second chance at making a good first impression”. The more reason why we take a good look at the mirror before stepping out of the house every morning even after putting on our very neat and attractive clothes. This attitude not only works in everyday interpersonal life, it can be adapted to the world of business and more importantly in the world of branding.

This is 2016 and it is no more news that the internet has taken over the traditional media as a medium of promoting and endearing a brand to its targeted audience. Now more than ever, businesses have the opportunity to communicate to exactly the type of audience they want to. Making a good first impression can be the difference between a potential customer pausing for a minute and giving you a good look and just moving along.

billyb-web-design-logoIn most cases, especially on the internet, your logo is usually your first opportunity to introduce your brand and your business to your potential customers/clients. This is the more reason why it is paramount to ensure that your logo help you to differentiate your brand from others and ensure the survival of your business. A professionally done logo should be able to help you integrate the marketing efforts of the brand, it must also be able to reflect marketing efforts and the icon of what the brand represents to its customers.

Your logo is your chance of making a good impression and it must be well designed. Quite a significant percentage of logo designs out there are very unprofessionally done. You should understand that your logo is as important as your business name and it must communicate to your audience. It must also be unique and conspicuous. It cannot be over emphasized how important it is to create a very strong visual identity that guarantees that you send the correct message to your target market. Rather than

According to research done by MIT Sloan Management Review, it was discovered that when a logo expresses the functional, sensory and symbolic benefits of a brand, it has a significant positive effect on customer commitment to a brand and as a result, a substantial impact on company performance in terms of revenues and profits.

Your logo is not just some icon that is on your letter head and at the top corner of your website. Your logo is an embodiment of your brand, your business and everything you represent. It is a very smart decision to have it done by a professional.


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